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Appliance Detailing Services Calgary AB

Ensuring that your home appliances are perfectly clean not only boosts their efficiency while reducing your energy costs but also raises the likelihood that they can serve you for much longer. Home appliances are susceptible to a variety of persistent contaminants such as dirt, carbonized sugar, hard-boiled dirt, dusty detritus, soot, limescale, dust, smoke, among several others.  

Set Up a Cleaning Plan

We want to know what it is that you require so that we can provide the service that you will be happy with.  Articulate it and we will execute it.

Sit Back and Relax

You can feel comfortable that your home will be cleaned professionally and with high standards.  No cares, just clean dreams.

Only the Best Quality

When we clean we provide the best products,  a professional approach and a guarantee of satisfaction.

Professional Cleaning Specialists

Our professional cleaning specialists have a great deal of experience. They can provide the most skilled and thorough cleaning that goes well beyond your standards. We deliver a fast, inexpensive, and detailed rotational cleaning system that will rejuvenate all your household appliances. If you let us clean your home appliances, like your microwave, cooking stove, hood, air compressor, refrigerator, among others, you guarantee that your cooking appliances and kitchen surfaces are spotlessly clean and well maintained and that the food you eat is safe.

Clean Dreams

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Cleaning Process Designed as Per the Manufacturer’s Instructions

When cleaning appliances, we study the make as well as the model and plan a cleaning process in compliance with the manufacturer’s directions. We must first remove removable sections where it is necessary to enter areas that often are unreachable and also are unclean. We are then going to add the correct cleaning solvent to the body of the kitchen appliance and, after all the solids are removed, we will rinse, dry, and wash it thoroughly. We clean the pieces separately, wash or immerse them in a chemical bath to extract the hardest solids. When the appliance and the removable pieces are all clean, we’ll bring them back together and gently wash and polish the entire device. We would also remove consumables such as bottles where necessary.


Is maintaining high standards for all the work we do whether big or small projects.  We exist to provide excellent customer service and we care about results for our clients.

Is being dependable and trustworthy and making sure we deliver  a high quality all the time.

In working with your needs and creating a cleaning solution that is right for you.

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