About Us

Clean Dreams Ltd is a small family owned and operated business. We have been cleaning, renovating and preparing apartments for rental since 2015 in a limited and private capacity. In 2018 we decided to shift focus and take our services to households and offices.

We specialize in detailing homes and offices for existing, exiting and new homeowners, business owners and renters. We have been in the property management industry for 8 years and understand the detailed and complete clean, homeowners, office managers, landlords and tenants expect.

Every space, every home and office takes on the personality of its occupants. We at Clean Dreams, with every clean, will treat your living or working space with respect and clean it with your expectations in mind.

Most importantly, we arrive on time, we complete cleans on time and within scheduled time and we communicate immediately by text or email if our cleaners will be late to a clean or require more time to complete a clean.

our services

House Cleaning

House Cleaning Services We Will Keep Your Spaces Clean and Presentable!.


Regular clean

Regular Cleaning Services which will keep your home feeling fresh and well maintained.


Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning Services to bring back your home to that immaculate new feeling.


Move out Clean

Move Out Cleaning Services which will satisfy your landlord when you leave.


Post Construction

Get your apartment home or office ready to be occupied via our Post Construction Cleaning Services

Appliance Detailing

Zones in on your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and all your small appliances by our Appliance Detailing Services

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