Are you willing to hire a professional, thorough cleaning service? If yes, then you are not alone. The truth is that professional home cleaners offer quite a few advantages to the table. Nonetheless, there are a few factors you need to know when you employ certain services. A few of these points is the difference between a daily clean and deep clean.

1- Regular Cleaning

When you employ professional cleaning services for daily cleaning, it will include the weekly activities you do. Regular cleaning is aimed to help maintain some standard of hygiene in your home. The home cleaner can do any of the following activities when you spend in a daily cleaning process:

  1. Vacuum and clean the floors
  2. Keeping the house in order
  3. Cleaning toilet, sink, mirror, lavatory
  4. Scrubbing the kitchen surfaces, removing garbage, cleaning the appliances

Usually, these cleaning activities do not take that long to finish; however, the home cleaner must help keep your home clean of dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

2- Deep Cleaning

Since now you know what regular cleaning is all about, it is time to think about a deep clean. Deep cleaning is something that you need to invest in it when you hire a deep cleaning services. Although deep cleaning costs more than standard cleaning, it only requires to be done every six months. The professional deep cleaning service checklist our professionals at Clean Dreams carry with them, helps them systematically remove the grime and deep dirt in your home. These should include the places usually not covered by a daily cleaning service. Some of the services you get when you employ a deep-cleaning home cleaning service include:

  1. Clean soap remains from the showerheads, sinks, kitchen floors, and tiles in the bathroom.
  2. Clean around appliances like an oven, a dishwasher, and scrub through the dust and dirt that sometimes builds up.
  3. Deep and full dusting of all rooms including floorboards and windows
  4. Washing the interior window frames of your house
  5. Clean patio doors and frames
  6. Scrubbing the inside of the fridge and door frame

As you’ve seen, a deep cleaning service is much more detailed than normal cleaning. It is the primary reason you pay extra when it comes to hiring the experts.

3- What Form Of Cleaning Do You Need?

Once you’re prepared to employ a domestic cleaning service, you might wonder what kind of cleaning you have to start with. For most instances, planning a professional deep cleaning checklist is a great step when you start. It is an excellent idea to ask a professional about which choice is suitable for your needs. Doing this would help guarantee that you get the highest level of cleanliness you desire.